Dj Simon started listening to Hardcore music since he was very young. At the end of the 90s he started organizing his first private parties, until the great events at “Area Indoor” characterized by his unique style. Thanks to these parties and his style, he became more and more famous and appreciated among the lovers of this music genre and started playing in different clubs all over the north of Italy. In 2006 he left the music scene, but then in 2012 he decided to come back with a new project dedicated to the ‘veterans’ of hardcore music: "100% Area Indoor", organized in the namesake and memorable club. From the very beginning this ‘Reunion’ had a gret success and the supporter of the ‘old school style’ like him started to get closer to the movement again. The success of these parties also contribuited to reintroduce Oldschool, Early Rave and Industial styles in the italian hardcore scene and motivated other crews to create new ‘old style’ projects. Nowadays he's considered one of the main representative of hardcore music by the fans of the Early Rave sound and the legendary "Sala 2" of “Number One” disco, where in 2013 thanks to his great success he became Resident Dj. In 2014 he entered a project called BRAINWORMS RECORDS, a label which produces tracks and organizes parties only in real ‘old school style’.