For the follow-up Headbanger record Rob went back to Rotterdam Records. First hit was The Nightmare Man. The third record was called: The Third Torture and it had the huge hit NO LAW on it. This one outsold all the other Headbanger records till that day, a true classic! The final installment was Enter the 4th Dimension and it had the hits Headbanger’s Theme (together with Holy Noise buddies Alee and Ruffian on vocals), I’m In Your Yead and The Wishmaster. The shout: “Don’t You Wanna Be A Headbanger” can still be heard today on every party and is the true Headbanger’s anthem. Rob met the famous Rotterdam Terror Corps, they hooked up and made the record Bangin Your Fist on Megarave Records. After that Rob was offered to do more on the label, a new alias was made for the project: Alienator. The first 12 inch Prey was an instant hit. Paul Elstak was also producing for Rige and he and Rob hooked up together again for the 12 inch Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell. Released on the new label Offensive Records this track was a huge hit. After this Rob was offered by Rige to do a Headbanger album. This became a triple cd with the title Are u afraid of the Dark and was released in 2001. Hits were: Are U Afraid Of The Dark, The Ninth Gate, Violator, Strike (feat Alee), This Is War, Causin Panic, Psycho Game (feat. RTC), Prey, Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell (feat. Paul). The next album was called Pray 4 Daylight and was released in 2003. A double cd with the hits: Pray 4 Daylight (feat. Alee), Fuck HIM (feat. Paul),Violator (Tommyknocker rmx), Danger (feat. DJ Delirium), and Pandemonia (Headbanger rmx) (feat. RTC). The third album was called Serious Damage and was released in 2004. This album had the following hits: Serious Damage (feat Alee), Causin Panic (DJ Paul rmx), Worldwide Blast Off (feat. Delirium), Pain is God (feat. Dione), Evil Never Dies, A Taste Of Fear (feat. Paul), Dead By Dawn (Dione rmx) and God Is Not Here Today (feat. Paul). The 4th album was Apocalyse and the fifth album was R-Evolution (to celebrate 10 years of The Headbanger).